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Pole Dancing Classes For Femme Body Fitness!

If you love dancing Pole, you’re sure to love the fitness classes at Femme Body Fitness. In addition to fun pole classes, this gym features free sangrias for their clients. Not only is the atmosphere at Femme Body Fitness non-stressful, but the friendly staff and non-judgmental instructors will make sure that you’re having a great time. Check out this review to see if this fitness studio is right for you!

Pole dancing classes:

Inspire yourself with the fluidity of feminine movement and get in shape at Pole dancing classes for femme body fitness. This unique style of pole dancing is a wonderful outlet for emotions and a wonderful way to build strength and fitness. Jamie Ross started pole dancing in 2015 while wearing high heels and was immediately enthralled by the fluidity of her movements. She has a varied movement background and a degree in Kinesiology. She also gained her first aerial experience with aerial silks.

Amazed by the beauty and grace of pole dance, Yvonne began her pole journey in Mexico City in 2013. She came to LA in 2014 and fell in love with the Embody pole classes. Her competitive pole experience led her to compete in PPC in April 2017. She understands the importance of conditioning and ensures that the foundation of her students’ movements are strong. While her dance style is sultry, it can be easy to lose track of time and energy during the workout.

Non-stressful atmosphere:

If you’re a transgender woman and would like to work out at a fitness center, you should avoid a gym with a stressful environment. If the atmosphere is intimidating, you may want to avoid it or leave your personal items at home. Some gyms are trans affirming and others may require you to use the wrong facilities. You should also consider whether it’s safe to bring your own changing clothes.

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